Thursday, May 1, 2008

Another Update

Ok, so here is where we are at:

1. So far about $80 worth of Similac checks have been pledged to be sent to Alicia and then forwarded on to Matt and Madeline. Keep those checks coming, and if you aren't sure what I'm talking about check out the post below. Also, Abbott Labs donated 2 cases worth of Neosure (Madeline's formula) and it is on it's way to them.
2. We got turned down by Huggies and Pampers, but after e-mailing Matt it seems as though they are well stocked in that department as well as most other departments.
3. I am still trying to figure out all the frequent flyer stuff...if anyone knows anything about donating miles PLEASE contact me!
4. I have one other project that I am working on, but don't want to say anything about it just yet :)

Even though Matt and Madeline are stocked on stuff right now I don't want to stop helping. I am working on thinking 6 months and more down the road as to what may be useful for Matt later on. I don't want this to be one little thing that stops in another week or two. So, please continue to check back, I will update as often as I can. Hopefully we can keep supporting this wonderful family from afar...I know thats my goal.

Thanks again to all of you!


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