Thursday, May 15, 2008

Contact Info

Hey everyone!

I am so excited about the response that this blog has been given! It's just amazing to me to see how we can come together as a community of strangers to support Matt and Madeline! You are all awesome and I am thankful for all of you (even though we have never met)!

If anyone has a question, idea, comment, thought, or anything let me know. My e-mail address is I'd love to hear from any of you!

I will give a more concrete update when I have a chance, I just wanted to say a quick thanks!



Deb said...

Hi Rachel,
I am Liz's sister. I haven't posted a comment on any blog yet, but I just had to tell you how thoughtful this blog is. The support that you and other online friends have shown my brother-in-law through blog comments and emails have helped many of us get through this hard time.

It is very comforting to know that Madeline will be brought up in a world with such thoughtful and caring people.

Alicia said...

Hi Rachel. Don't forget to email me Matt's address so I can send round 2 of the checks. I have another couple hundred dollars worth!


kathleen said...


Rock and Roll with this website. My husband and I had been wringing our hands about how we could help - we finally sent a package filled with our favorite baby gear, but I'm glad to know there is this larger effort. I've also been breastfeeding and somehow missed the info on the formula checks, but I'm off to sign-up for some.