Sunday, September 14, 2008


Hello All,

I'm sure the majority of you have seen the post over on Matt's Blog about the Liz Goodman Logelin Memorial 5K Walk/Run. But I wanted to post over here so that we cover all our bases. We (creeps/broads) along with Matt and Liz's family have decided to do a very informal (for the first year) 5K walk/run to honor Liz on the weekend after her birthday. Here are the details:

At 1:00 pm this Sunday the 21st we invite you to walk/run where ever you are. You are encouraged to wear pink-Liz's favorite color or one of Matt's awesome t-shirts (see link on the right). We are also asking that people take pictures and post them on a flickr site that has been set up (info on that here). In addition, a Paypal account will be set up (details to follow shortly) and you can make an optional $7 donation that will go to both Matt/Madeline and other young widows/widowers in need.

Finally, if you are a MN resident and would like to join the Creeps/Broads/Logelins/Goodmans (including Matt and Madeline), we will be at Lake Calhoun at 1:00 pm beginning in the area with the volleyball courts on the west side of the lake near West 36th Street.

If you have any questions please comment here and we will do our best to get back to you as quickly as possible.

Thanks and happy walk/running,


Anonymous said...

Has a Paypal account been set up for that option $7 donation?

Anonymous said...

as anyone contacted/email local news stations? This might be a good public interest story

Becky P. said...

@anonymous2: The "creeps" have not contacted the news this year. Although we expect a crowd, the plan is to keep this year fairly informal (for a variety of reasons) but we certainly hope to get publicity next year when we turn it into a major event!


Nena said...

Hi Creeps/broads!
It was nice to meet so many of you today. Unfortunately, should we meet again, I will not remember any of your names. You are really doing cool stuff and IHope that sometime we can meet again.
Take care and sending you all peace,
Nena and Reese

For those of you who wanted Reese's website. . . the address is Please don't feel obligated to read it ;-)

Katelin said...

i'm so bummed i wasn't able to make it saturday, i was pretty much bed ridden with horrible allergies. but sounds like it was a success and a beautiful tribute to liz.