Friday, August 15, 2008

Long Overdue Update!!!

First of all I want to apologize for being absent here...this summer has been far too busy and my mind far too scattered. But I am back...and still as committed as ever to helping Matt, Madeline, and anyone else who gets brought to mine/our attention.

Secondly, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone that sent donations to the Awesome Auntie Deb fund. We raised $1000 which is incredible! After some discussion there was a little change in the plans of what exactly to do with the money. We ended up with a $500 Southwest Airline gift certificate for Deb and then $500 was given to Matt, GMa Candee, Gpa Tom G, and Deb as a combo gift for a special dinner out while they are in the Banff. Our dear creepy friend Becky made the delivery to the Goodman house last week and they were overwhelmed to say the least! Thank you all so much for your generosity!!!

Third, we continue to brainstorm ideas for future projects...I believe something may be in the works soon for Gma Brocolli as well as Matt's friend Jackie. I will continue to update as I know things. Keep the ideas coming!

I hope all of your summers are coming to a wonderful close...much love to all of you!



Becky P. said...

Hello All! I'm sure Rachel will post the details but there are indeed two collections in the works right now. As Rachel mentioned, one for Grandma B. (Matt's mom) and one for Matt's friend Jackie. I know there have been some comments following the first collection about others outside the immediate creep-circle wanting to participate. If you'd like the details, please email me at rrk895 at hotmail dot com and I will fill you in. You're welcome to choose one or both of the collections!

Becky P., (one of many) creepy coordinators

Sarah B. said...

Just stumbled upon your blog site from Matt's posting today. You all are so amazing. Wanted to know if anyone had any ideas for Matt on the six month anniversary of Liz's death. I've heard that time in grief can be really hard. Just want him to know that so many people are thinking about him and Madeline (still!) and haven't forgotten what a wonderful person Liz was.

Maureen in the PA said...

Hi Rachel-As Becky references here, I am in charge of the collection for Jackie. If anyone has read her blog, you will know why we are doing this. She lost her husband to a PE on the same day as Liz. Jackie has 2 beautiful children that she has been homeschooling. Her husband was the breadwinner, so its been a rough road for her. I am collecting until the end of August,and hope to get an American Express Cheque to her the first week of September. If anyone is interested, you can also email me at mcasey_2000 at yahoo dot com....

BethBonoan said...

I am just a reader of Matt's blog and I saw the comment directing folks to this site. I have e-maile Becky for details on conributing to all of your kindness, but I had to just say that I am so impressed with you... with all of the so-named "creeps". It really is touching to see that there are so many people in this world who have such beautiful spirits. You all have such kind, warm hearts. I'm just babbling because I don't really have the right words to say. Anyway, I know there are so many in the creep clan, but if you all need any help with anything, I would love to contribute.

aimee said...

@ sarah b....
we could also do something for madeline at that will be her half birthday! i don't know about the rest of you, but i celebrate my half birthday!!!

Andrea V said...

Hi girls (and possibly guys), I am just getting caught up on how all of this stuff works here. I see that you are starting collections for Grandma B and Jackie. That is great! I look forward to helping out.

Also, I have had an idea for this gift for Madeline (and perhaps Matt) for quite sometime. But, if it is something that the creeps would be interested in taking on for a future gift - I would be happy for you to share in this idea.

A while ago, in a phone conversation with Matt, we talked in more detail about the robbery that happened at their house in January (I believe that is when it was). He was most sad about the jewlery that Liz lost especially now since Madeline will not ever be able to have it. It was Tiffany jewlery and as Matt described "not very expensive". But I have always wanted to try to buy one of those pieces "back" for him to have for Maddy.

Because of some more recent tight finances I have not been able to do that yet. But, if you are intersted in this as a gift I would love to do some more undercover investigating to find out exactly what pieces were taken.

Andrea V. (in case it is needed 952-474-3381)

Becky P. said...

@Andrea: Would love to discuss the jewelry further! Email me: rrk85 at hotmail dot com. Thanks!

em said...

Hi all -- I have also thought a lot about the jewelry that was stolen and how sad it is that Madeline will not "inherit" that collection from her mother. It gave me an idea that I hope I can explain well:

I don't get the impression Matt's financial circumstances are particularly dire (for example, the way Jackie's might be...or mine are, for that matter!) and he has, consistently, seemed most touched and appreciative of more "homemade" gifts and hand-written notes. So I get the impression that if there is a specific piece of jewelry he really wants to "replace" for Madeline, it seems to me he'd know which to buy, and, probably, could, all on his own.

So I tried to think of something he CAN'T provide that WE can and what I've been thinking would be a really nice gesture is if all us broads -- who've one way or another, over the course of our lives, probably gathered a box or more of both valuable and not-so-valuable jewelry -- all send one hand-picked piece each from our own stashes to Madeline, providing her with a ready-made "inherited" collection of jewelry from a bazillion different women. The selection would be fascinating and truly unique, I think -- costume and real bracelets, earrings, necklaces, nose rings, whatever each person wants Madeline to have from her! -- coming from so many different and distinct people, and it would likely cover any taste she might acquire or phase she'll pass through! (And even people low on cash could contribute something nice -- all they'd need is postage and willingness.)

I think it would be extra nice, too, if each piece (or as many as possible) came with a photo of the item (on or off the person donating it) and the story (ideally, hand-written) of how they acquired it, why they like it, and/or why they chose to pass it on to Madeline. (Those photos could even be compiled into a blurb book for her!)

I love thinking of the collection she would have that way, and the concrete irrevocable proof it would provide for her that even though she doesn't have her mom, she does have a, literally, WORLD full of women (and men) caring about her and "looking out for her".

Just a thought. What say the powers that be?